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Gort Cancer Support Centre offers a confidential community-based cancer support service to anybody affected by a cancer diagnosis in the South Galway / North Clare areas. We provide the highest possible standard of care to everyone who avails of our support services. From the very first point of contact, you will be greeted by one of our caring and empathetic team members, whose role is to ensure you feel supported and welcome. Their expertise, dedication and care for each person using our services, makes Hollyblue House the haven of tranquillity it is.

A diagnosis of cancer profoundly changes a person’s life. Many people feel alone, isolated and afraid. Some people keep their fears to themselves in order not to cause further trauma to their families. Others have no one to share their fears with. By adopting a holistic approach and providing a range of supportive services and activities, we enhance people’s wellbeing and coping skills.

Please make the call, as we are here to support you and your family. We fully understand your feelings of fear, panic, sadness and loneliness. We can assure you when you leave our centre, you  will have a new sense of peace and hope.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions and for everybody’s safety please call 086 1724500 to make an appointment, where one of our caring team can arrange the next step in your cancer support.

All services are offered FREE OF CHARGE and confidentiality is ensured.

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I am so grateful that Gort Cancer Support opened it’s doors to me. The centre and staff and supports helped make a tough time easier. The generosity and kindness shown to me will forever be remembered. Thank You

It is a pleasure to attend meetings to have a chat or a laugh a cup of tea or a coffee. I never thought that getting cancer would bring me so many blessings and new friends.

The availability of these services in my area are of great assistance to me and I am able to meet wtih people who have similar experiences to my own.

My cancer is in remission but I am greatly reassured to have this support centre nearby.

Location is perfect – accessible but private, support is superb. Huge attention to detail. The centre is nicely decorated and very welcoming.

Staff and volunteers are kind, welcoming, inviting, and make you feel very relaxed. I was fearful of going at first but once I met the people there, I felt very at ease and always felt better after a visit to the centre.

Overall, the centre is welcoming warm friendly staff and a wide range of activiities – something for everyone.

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Gort Cancer Support
Gort Cancer Support10 seconds ago
Follow the link to register if you are interested in this webinar taking place on Thursday of this week.
Gort Cancer Support
Gort Cancer Support16 hours ago
THANK YOU.....We are extremely grateful to everybody who hosted a Garden Party over the summer months in aid of Hollyblue House. We appreciate your support & hope you all had a great time. Funds raised will help provide supportive services free of charge to anyone in our local community affected by a cancer diagnosis.
If anyone still has to drop in the proceeds from their party or return donation buckets/envelopes then please do so during opening hours Monday to Friday between 10am & 3pm.
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Gort Cancer Support
Gort Cancer Support23 hours ago
National Hereditary Cancer Week is a time to raise awareness of those affected by cancers caused by an inherited genetic mutation. This includes people with Lynch syndrome or an inherited mutation in BRCA1/2, ATM, BRIP1,CHEK2, PALB2, PTEN, RAD51C/D or other gene associated with hereditary cancer. About 5-10% of cancers are believed to be caused by an inherited mutation.
Visit your GP if you have any concerns that cancer runs in your family and if required they can refer you for genetic counselling & testing.
#genetictesting #geneticcounselling
Gort Cancer Support
Gort Cancer Support2 days ago
It's the 2nd National Walking Day, a day aimed at promoting the benefits of walking. Get Ireland Walking want the new normal to include daily walking to maintain good physical and mental health for all. Why not try to make time today to get out for a short walk?

If you would prefer to walk with others, our walking group meets every Thursday morning at 10.45am & is open to anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis

#BeActive #NWD21 #NationalWalkingDay21 #WalkYourTown #WalkYourArea #Walkforyou #walkinggroup
#walkandtalk #cancersupport
Gort Cancer Support
Gort Cancer Support3 days ago
The next issue of our quarterly newsletter is due out at the end of the month. If you are interested in receiving a copy then please subscribe on our website at www.gortcancersupport.ie. Previous issues of our newsletter can be found under the 'News & Events' section of our website. Happy reading 😊

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13sep10:30 am12:00 pmArt Therapy WorkshopArt Therapy Workshop

13sep7:00 pmHealthy Eating WorkshopHealthy Eating Workshop

20oct10:00 pm3:00 pmMarie Keating Mobile Information Unit


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