Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is a tailored psychotherapeutic approach which helps with life challenges and is based on the therapeutic approaches of Albert Ellis and Aaron T. Beck . It relates to both psychological and social aspects of life. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy highlights the significance of how our thoughts affect our behaviour and feelings (Thoughts-Behaviour-Feelings Cycle).

People suffering from cancer can be overwhelmed by anxiety, with thoughts of illness, treatment plans, pain, decreased functioning and sometimes death. CBT interventions for anxiety help clients through their personal journey and growing research aims at helping many more.

CBT techniques are often recommended by Health Professionals during the care of cancer patients. It works alongside many treatments, using techniques and strategies that help a person cope with serious life challenges and can be provided in group or individual private sessions.

CBT for cancer patients can be helpful:

Pamela Watson – CBT Therapist

Pamela is a practicing and certified CBT Therapist engaged in a distinct range of holistic treatments, including Clinical Hypnotherapy and Positive Psychotherapy. As a CBT practitioner and a certified Motivational Coach, she works towards both client goals, health and empowerment. Special interests include female health & wellbeing, management of anxiety and stress along with overcoming phobias and trauma. She works with both adults and adolescents and is currently undertaking a Master’s programme in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.